With great success, our ALUMÉXICO SUMMIT & EXPO 2019 event was held from August 21 to 23 last in the city of San Luis Potosí, which was launched this year to resume the tradition of the International Congress organized by IMEDAL for eight consecutive editions The quality of the event as well as the number of attendees exceeded all expectations, with more than 200 attendees representing more than 80 companies.

With the incorporation of new elements and a new format that has a greater offer of content, the attendees expressed their pleasure and satisfaction at attending this event.

Here is the review of the event:


· The program began with the registration of attendees and subsequent visit to important industries in the area such as: BMW Plant, RONAL and PROMINOX, which were liked by all attendees. In the afternoon the same day a welcome cocktail was held in the gardens of the Hilton Hotel, where in a warm and friendly atmosphere the delegates shared for a good time, enjoying delicious sandwiches, select drinks and live jazz music.


· The program begins on Thursday with an impressive welcome video that the audience enjoyed. Before numerous attendance that filled the forum of the San Luis Potosí Convention Center, Eng. Fernando Garcia President of Imedal, welcomed the assistants and special guests on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Institute.

· With the participation of distinguished guests such as Lic. Pedro Tello, analyst of economic issues in various media, Lic. Eduardo Solís President of the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA), Ing. Oscar Albin, President of the Industry Nacional de Autopartes (INA), Dr. Manuel Montoya Director of the Automotive Cluster of Nuevo León, immediately begins the program of keynote addresses that included a variety of topics such as the 2019-2020 economic perspective, the challenges and opportunities for the automotive industry and of auto parts, as well as trends in the use of aluminum in automobiles.móviles.

· On behalf of the Imedal Board of Directors, President Fernando García, accompanied by the Vice Presidents: Eugenio Clariond, Víctor Ramírez and Mónica Treviño receives, welcomes, and thanks Lic. Gustavo Puente, Secretary of Economic Development of the Government of San Luis Potosí, and Lic. Gabriela Rivera Director of ProSanLuis for all their support for the realization of Aluméxico 2019. After addressing a brief message to those attending, Mr. Puente proceeds to the formal inauguration of the work of ALUMEXICO SUMMIT & EXPO 2019.

· Immediately Lic. Puente in the company of Ing. Garcia and the Vice Presidents of the Board of Directors, breaks the bar to open the exhibition, makes a tour of the area with the 36 stands set up talking with those present. Thanks to the dedication of the exhibitors and the good work of the production of the event, with a great and aesthetic assembly, the expo was a success that caused astonishment and admiration among the visitors.

· After the buffet lunch in the same convention center, which by the way turned out to be varied and delicious, the program of 26 specialized technical conferences began, of which three were held simultaneously in the same venue, so this Divided into three sections by using silent conferencing, each attendee could access specific audio of interest to them via wireless receivers, thus allowing various activities to be conducted in parallel.

· Major issues were addressed, such as innovation in aluminum manufacturing processes and associated equipment, technologies for Industry 4.0 such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Collaborative Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, etc.

· In parallel to these conferences, two short courses called Aluworkshop are held in separate rooms, one specifically designed for the automotive industry and the other for the optimization of the Extrusion process, the latter with the participation of Italian experts Giacomo Mariscotti and Massimo Bartoletti

· On the night of Thursday, August 22, attendees are offered a Gala Dinner at the Hotel Conrad, venue of the event, in which we received the visit of Francisco Cervantes, National President of CONCAMIN, who addressed a short message to the audience. The dinner, with high-quality dishes and drinks, was enlivened by two samples of the Potosí culture: “El Desfile del Rebozo” where beautiful hostesses showed attendees all the possibilities of using this colorful and fine garment, also at the end of the The parade was attended by a “typical musical group from the Huasteca Potosina”, even dedicating a few songs for our event, as well as for President Fernando García.


· On Friday the 23rd, the conference program restarts with the participation of Ing Norberto Vidaña Technical Commercial Advisor and Director of Metalgazette, Martin Hartlieb analyst of markets for the aluminum industry, Lic. Xavier Hurtado director of Supply Chain of the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace and Aeronautical Industry (FEMIA) and Eng. Jose Luis Villalón, President of Target Robotics, Dr. Horacio Canales Siller of CIDESI Querétaro focused on applied Artificial Intelligence, who respectively presented to the audience their vision of market and metal prices, the effects in Mexico of the new T-MEC Trade Agreement, the need to find suppliers for the aviation industry and the process to achieve it, and finally the enormous possibility and need for the application of new generation robotics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality in the aluminum industry


· On Friday 23rd, for the first time in this event, the B2B session begins in the same venue, in which, through an organized process, it brings together buyers and suppliers from the industry. A model that will undoubtedly be of great relevance to both parts of the chain, as the suppliers will have the opportunity to present their products and services to all the buyers present, as well as the guarantee of specific face-to-face meetings with key buyers. that they previously chose all of this under a specific agenda controlled by the organizers

· The program of conferences continues in the afternoon with important topics of Circular Economy and Sustainable Development shared by Lic. Cristina Cortinas, Ing. Lourdes Aduna, and Lic. Luis Miguel Galindo, who moved and shook the conscience of the attendees by its enormous relevance for the care of our planet and our natural resources

· All of the above wrapped in an application for mobile phones called Whova, through which attendees had access to all the details of the event such as a list of companies and people attending, list and map of exhibitors, the possibility of making one-on-one contacts with the attendees and make appointments, upload photos and messages to social networks, the possibility of forming discussion groups, qualify the event access to general announcements by the organizers, etc.

In this way, IMEDAL renews and strengthens this event, which again offers a space specially designed for business, training and the dissemination of knowledge, as well as to enjoy a moment with our partners and friends.

The undoubted success of this great event has been possible thanks to the support of our sponsors Arzyz, Riisa, Fracsa, Aluminicaste, Altek, Marcometales and Oilgear, but also and fundamentally due to the enthusiasm and support of all the companies and delegates attending Alumexico 2019. Our thanks to all, we hope to do better in the next one.

Also our recognition to Ing. Artemisa Alba, Executive Director of IMEDAL, as well as all the members of the Imedal staff, without whose talent, effort and dedication it would have been impossible to carry out this event. Likewise, our thanks to Engineers Osvaldo Chávez, German Soto and Salvador Tovar for their sustained support in promoting and coordinating the conference program. Also our appreciation and recognition to Ligia Martínez for her invaluable support in the organization and production of Alumexico 2019.